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We get so many wonderful emails and phone calls thanking us for our customer service and raving about our products, thank you to all our amazing customers!

Here's a few of our favorites:

"Your trunks are perfect, absolutely fabulous! Very, very happy with them and the ladies are loving them!... that V neck is unquestionably the most comfortable shirt I've ever owned. I will be buying more. I will spread the word! " -Alex M., Raleigh, NC


"I absolutely LOVE your line. I bought my first pair of the coral and multicolored sea horses at C Orrico in Palm Beach a few years ago and got so many compliments. Then last week I was at Mar a Lago and bought another pair but they were all out of the sunglass edition so I went online to hunt them down because I had to have them. 

Every summer when I go to Europe and the beaches are packed with everyone wearing those overpriced Vilebrequins. I don't get it. Yours are softer and way more affordable. I always stand out and so many people ask me about them every time I wear them.

I love your brand and think they're far superior to anything else on the market. I'm only wearing Michael's from now on." -Daniel Heider


"Just wanted you to know that I received my new trunks today and they are perfect. Y'all truly exceeded any customer service expectations I've ever held.  Not only did you let me exchange the trunks, but you also followed up to make sure everything went smoothly.  I really appreciate that.  You'll have a repeat customer in me and I will make sure to let others know about your brand.  Again, thank you." - Nick


"Great article in the Herald Tribune this morning. More importantly thanks for making the line. I am 62, 5'7" and very sick and tired of sorting through the "kids" swim wear that comes well below the knee and makes me look like an escapee from the Clown College. I am a fan of the 5" inseam. Good call on your part, glad it has been successful!" -John


"Michael, It was great meeting you and discussing your brand at the Breakers Palm Beach. I was the recent graduate there with my boyfriend, John, the investment banker. He absolutely loved your designs AND the fit of your swimsuits. I think you have found customers for life in us. He purchased the seahorse print from Absolutely Suitable, and I must have your awesome hot air balloon shirt! P.S. Your instagram is awesome!" -Halee


"Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today and absolutely love the bathing suit. Thanks so much for the call after I placed my order. I will absolutely place more orders in the future and tell my friends to do the same." -Mark


"Went to Island Pursuit and got my suit. The owner there spoke highly of you and your merchandise! Thanks again." -Rick


"While meandering through Indonesia and Malaysia on a Crystal Cruise ship this March, I happened to be in the piano bar one evening when I spotted this man from across the room. It wasn't the man that intrigued me. It was the luscious shirt he was wearing, and I could not help myself from walking boldly up to him, introducing myself and asking him about the beautiful soft turquoise linen shirt he was wearing, covered with pastel hot air balloons. It was stunning. He kindly unbuttoned his shirt, much to the amusement of the other bar patrons so I could see the label and proceeded to tell me he was from California and loved the line and something about the flamingo shirt that was from the same designer and of course I had to feel the hand of this incredible linen creation. I knew I needed to find the source immediately and found a quiet spot to Google the source. After about 10 pages of Michael's, the craft store, I found you!

I had just been in Toulouse, France, where my son lives, to see an Avant-garde production of a play he wrote, produced, and starred in. It, which, curiously was about hot air balloonists and love... a tragedy, of course...

I ordered it immediately and it is now on its way to France, and now the production is headed to Sicily, so the balloon theme carries forth.

Thank you Michael, for this crazy introduction to your world of fabulous linen. Bravo! Thank you!" - AMK, Captiva, Fl

"I have bought two pair for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves them! So comfortable and loves the styles. Thanks Michael!"- Tracy A. Volz 

Hi Michael, Many thanks to you and your team for sending these superb swim trunks which fit perfectly. Your company's standards of service, designs, and quality of product are unsurpassed. -Kind regards, Douglas